For those of you who are unaware, I am currently attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, a school that is just as well-known for its progressive and contemporary approach to musical education as it is for its high tolerance of scarves, American Spirit cigarettes and Urban Outiftters apparel.

With Hurricane Sandy barreling up the coast towards Boston, many people have been out trying to prepare for the worst, stocking up on non-perishable foods and batteries.  However, Berklee students are acutely aware that it’s very difficult to maintain a cool, detached vibe while eating peanut butter sandwiches by candlelight in your apartment.  For the more fashion- and image-conscious among us, here are some tips to survive the storm, and still look like a hip young Bohemian artist while doing so!

1. Boat shoes are a very practical choice of footwear.  In the event that the entire city floods and you require rescue by boat, you’ll fit right in!

Definitely go for Sperry’s if you can, you’ll find a ride on a yacht way easier than with some knockoff brand

2. It’s quite possible that Starbucks will be closed during the worst part of the storm, meaning that you will not only lack a place to write your novel, but also be running on empty in the coffee department. Never fear though – you can make your own pumpkin spice lattes at home by just pouring boiling water and coffee grounds into your jack-o-lantern!

Delicious AND seasonal!

3. It doesn’t matter that we’ll be under a thick and constant cloud cover – aviator sunglasses can also make very effective (and styling!) shields against the rain.  However, thick-rimmed glasses may be more durable against the intense winds.

It’ll be a little tough to keep you hair this awesome with 70mph winds, though

4. With everyone else staying indoors for a few days, the lines at the Apple Store should be miniscule. Take advantage of this and go get an iPhone 5! Just kidding, you’ve already got an iPhone 5 if you go to Berklee, obviously.

This is way shorter than normal

5. You know what looks cooler than standing outside in the cold and smoking? Standing outside in the cold AND rain while smoking! Definitely hit up the Berklee Beach for maximum visibility of your coolness.

This kid’s getting an early start on being a total badass

6. This storm is essentially the Instagram event of the decade. If you take less than 75 sepia-toned pictures of blurry rain and clouds, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

This is powerful stuff, right here

7. Most people are stocking up on food and water, but if the power and water goes out, that also means the internet goes out!  Be sure to stock up on tweets in the next few hours to avoid a withdrawal.  You wouldn’t want your friends to be wondering how much wet hair annoys you during the storm!

Twitter is a vital source of information in times like this

8. Flashlights are a waste of money.  iPhones have built-in LEDs and they can play music too! How many flashlights can do that?  Your iPhone should be able to stay on flashlight mode for about 3 hours straight before running out of battery, or 2 if you’re blasting “Set Fire to the Rain” on a constant loop for an ironic hurricane dance party.

Actually, I’m not so convinced anymore. This light isn’t even capable of lighting up the entire frame of this picture…

9. Raincoats may be waterproof, but they’ll never match the nostalgic charm of a peacoat.  To counteract the hydrophilic qualities of a wool coat in a hurricane, just wear 3 peacoats at all times! They can’t all get wet!

It’s a little harder to wear 3 pairs of peacoat shoes simultaneously though. Better stick with boat shoes

Hopefully we can all survive this natural disaster in style now with these helpful tips!  Be safe out there, everyone! Unless it would be cooler to be unsafe in a given situation. Then, by all means, endanger away!